Google has put out some neat little tricks and games to liven up their search bar.   Here’s how to get in on the action:

1.  Type “barrel roll” into the search bar.  Then watch your computer rock and roll

2. Type “atari breakout” into the search bar, then select images and you’ll get your chance at a classic arcade game

3.  Speaking of classics, for the legendary PacMan’s 30th birthday, google recreated the game online, right from it’s search engine.  Just type, “google pacman”

4.  Type in “zerg rush” and watch your screen get destroyed

5.  I can’t get this one to work, but maybe you can try…Type in “chuck norris” and there’s supposed to be a joke by google that says, “You don’t find Chuck Norris, He finds you.”

6.  Type, “the answer to life, the universe and”, and you’ll get a number from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Some less entertaining but more useful Search engine Tricks are:

1.  To get a definition, search define: “word you seek”

2.  Reverse Image Search – upload an image or give a url of an exsiting online image, and google will pull up a list of the same image around the web.

3.  If you want to see more objective search results, less tailored to your history, location and buying habits(jeesh), click on “verbatim” to get the results as they’d appear unfiltered and influenced.

google_tips for business

Anything I Missed??