1. Cube Chic – An inspirational book for office Ambiance – Written by Kelley L. Moore – $13

CubeChicTired of working in a bland, boring, office cubicle? Interior designer Kelley Moore has the solution with Cube Chic, a hip, irreverent style book with inspirational cube designs for every taste, from Tiki to Zen. With dazzling full-color photography and helpful decorating tips,you’ll learn how to create:

  • The Garden Cube: Rather be gardening? This cube features bright grassy greens, floral prints, and a desk covered in bright gerberas.
  • The Cabin Cube: Like a ski lodge at your desk, this cube features dark wood tones and creature comforts aplenty.
  • The CEO Cube: Get on the fast track to the executive lifestyle, and create a corner office in your own space.

And that’s just the beginning there’s also a Hip-Hop Cube, a Pub Cube, a Safari Cube, and even a Cubism Cube. With so many eye-popping design options to choose from, Cube Chic will inspire office drones of all ages!  Read more here.

2. Facebook Like and Dislike Stamps – Make your opinion know…on paper – $9.95

Facebook Like and Dislike“Facebook has changed the way we look at things and now you can give your stamp of approval or disapproval with the Like and Dislike Stamps. Facebook may not have gotten around to creating the dislike button yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t avail it for those error-filled reports or a note from your hubby saying he’s out with the boys…again. The stamps feature the all-to-familiar thumbs up and thumbs down symbols, so you can be judgmental until the cows some home…and then you can put a dislike stamp on them, too.”

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3.  USB Computer Microsocpe with 200x Magnification – $149

USB_Cam“With a 200x magnification factor, you’ll be able to explore the world in a whole new way. Want to see how newsprint looks on a tiny level or what an insect looks like? Simple attach this USB computer microscope to a PC, install the software and you’re ready to play the role of chief scientist. With a stylish design that is feature-full as it is pleasing to look at, you can get up close and personal with pretty much anything you can imagine! If the object you want to look at isn’t mobile, if you install the software onto a laptop, if can come with you! Want to look at a favorite painting or photograph at close distance? How about check out a document you think may be forged.”

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4.  The Office Chair Strength Trainer  – $49office_chair_strength_trainer

This is the strength trainer that enables you to build and tone muscles while sitting in an office chair. The unit’s dual Velcro straps attach to a backrest and the elastic bands and pulley system provide resistance as you perform traditional weightlifting movements. The three included sets of elastic bands interchange to provide four, eight, and 12 pounds of resistance for the more than 20 possible exercises, including bicep curls, shoulder presses, and bench presses.

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5.  Protect your Office Sandwich  – $8

moldy sandwich preventionAnti-Theft Lunch Bags are zipper bags that have green splotches printed on both sides, making your freshly prepared lunch look spoiled. Don’t let a sticky-fingered coworker or schoolyard bully get away with lunch theft again!

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6. Neat Receipts Portable Scanner – $179.99Portable Scanner

  • Scans and stores your receipts, business cards and documents.  NeatWorks 4.0 software (included)extracts the important information and helps you manage it right on your computer.
  • Converts documents to searchable text so you ca easily find exactly what you need.  Features optical character recognition (OCR) with Intelligent Text Recognition.
  • Supports many file types.  Saves images to JPEG or other popular formats. Scanned data can be saved in formats used by Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Quicken, QuickBooks, TurboTax and more. You can also create PDF files with searchable text. Supports scan resolutions up to 600 dpi.
  • Compact size is great for travel.  Weighs just 10.6 oz. USB powered—eliminates the need for an AC adapter.
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7.  Portable Mini USB Air Humidifier & Mist Diffuser for Home & Office – $14.99

  • usb humidifier
    • USB interface, powered by USB port of your computer, with the functions of humidification and air purification.
    • Small size, it is portable, very convenient for you daily life. A healthy lifestyle gadget, it is suitable for your room and office.
    • Low power consumption & power-off protection when the water runs out. Green and white color collocation feels comfortable.
    • Open the cover, and add 60ml (approx. 80% of container capacity) water into the container.
    • *Try putting some essential oils in here!
  • Learn more here.


8.  Staple-Free Stapler  – $9.76stapleless stapler

  • Secures up to 7 sheets of paper with no staples
  • Window allows clear alignment
  • Safe alternative to traditional staplers
  • Economical and environmentally friendly
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9.  USB Rocket Launcher – $29.99

  • USB_rocket_launcherToy rocket launcher plugs into your computer
  • Use included software to aim and fire missiles
  • Can fire missiles at targets up to 6 meters away
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10.  Pop Desk Cell Phone Converter $49.99Cell Phone Office

The POP DESK consists of the original retro POP handset with specifically designed stand for your mobile or smartphone to free desk space.
POP Desk allows you to make mobile, Skype and other VoIP calls in comfort and privacy. The anti-slip rubberized pad holds your phone securely while you charge and sync. The detachable handset connects directly to your phone for use on the move allowing greater freedom and versatility.

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