Lattes at the corner shop can get expensive and those lines can get really long.  It saves time and money to brew your coffee at home, or right in the office.  Here’s an overview of the array of coffee machines out there.  Maybe you’ll find a new and tastier way to brew your java:


Drip Coffee Small BusinessAutomatic Drip

Makes Multiple Cups determined by the amount of water put in.  Strength is also determined by the amount of coffee grounds.  Water is heated with a boiler, then dripped through a filter with coffee grounds.  Coffee pours into a carafe which sits on a heating plate.  Many of these have timers, so you can set them to go on at a certain time.

Great for Individuals and Small Offices



Single Serve/Podpod coffee small business

Makes One Cup at a time.  Coffee is in a pre-measured pod, which is airtight and vacuum sealed.  You put the pod in its slot, then add water to the reservoir and then brew.  Hot water is forced through the pod making one cup of coffee.

Great for Individuals




small business coffee percolator


These brew many cups of coffee at once.   Grounds are put in metal baskets that act as filters.  When brewing, the water is forced up the tube and over the coffe grounds, returning brewed coffee to the pot.  Percolators come in both stovetop and electric models.

Great for Large Gatherings or very strong coffee




French PressFrench Press Small Business

Brews 2-3 cups at a time.  Hot water and gourmet coffee grounds are poured into a container and sit for a few minutes.  Then, a press with a fine mesh screen separates the grounds from the coffee, yielding tasty and strong coffee.

Great for individual coffee lovers along with small offices.


small business espresso machine


Espresso Machines

Makes one cup at a time.  Hot water is forced through espresso grounds at high pressure and temperature.  They caffeine content in a double shot of espresso compares to one cup of coffee.  When espresso is brewed right, it represents the purest form of coffee, a pure extract.   The most sought after espresso shot is called the “God Shot”.  It’s very hard to make, but when you get one, you know it is special.   Read more on the God Shot here.

Great for Individuals and Offices


Features to look for:

Programmable – Allows you to brew coffee while you sleep.

Auto Drip Stop – Makes one cup at a time with pods

Auto Shut-Off – Shuts the coffee maker off automatically when not being used

Drip Tray – Catches spills or overflows

LCD – Make it easy to ready the functions

Temp Adjustment – Allows you to adjust the temperature of the warming plate

Brew Volume – Adjust the amount and strength of coffee to be brewed

Built in Grinder – coffee maker + grinder in one


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