General liability insurance coverage covers your business property in the event of fire or theft.  It also covers the costs of litigation, including legal fees, if you are sued. Protect small businessGeneral liability does not cover a lot of what might be your biggest risk exposures.  It does not cover law suit judgments for things like making a professional mistake that costs a client money.  It also does not cover judgments that arise from defamation or copyright infringement.  These are just a couple of examples.  There are many, many more things that general liability insurance does not cover. Typically, you need Errors and Omissions coverage for the above type lawsuit judgments. You are strongly advised to consult a professional insurance broker to find out about coverage for lawsuit judgments like these. General liability insurance coverage is important.  You won’t be able to lease office space, for example, unless you have it (typically in coverage amounts of $1,000,000 or more).  Buy the insurance when you don’t need it.  When you do need it, you won’t be able to buy it at any price. When you are looking for insurance you will be asked what type of business you run and what your revenue level is.  Your premium will be based on these two factors, among others. Get started with a free small business insurance quote for Hiscox.  They specialize in tailoring coverage for specific industries.small business Insurance policy - approved

  • Professional Liability insurance quote – coverage from $22.50 a month
  • Errors and Omissions insurance quote – coverage from $22.50 a month
  • General Liability insurance quote – coverage from $29.17 a month
  • Business owner insurance quote – coverage from $41.67 a month
  • Workers Compensation Insurance quote – coverage from $41.67 a month

Note:  A general liability policy is going to make you less open to lawsuit abuse.  You will be more difficult and expensive to sue when you have a lawyer, provided by the insurance company, to call on.