Jason thumbHi.   I’m Jason Jelonek, Editor of Smallbusinessy.com and a typical business owner like yourself.  I work hard to grow my business and like to try fresh approaches and new technology to get more customers.

Look, I’ve been burned by poorly run marketing agencies in the past, but that didn’t stop me from figuring out how to make the internet work for me. See, I knew others were making it work and reaping huge rewards.    But, there’s really no secret formula anymore.  SEO is dead and we’ve all been waiting for a new effective strategy to get more customers.

Well, I think I may have something here…

Recently I was presented a different marketing model, and applied it to multiple businesses.

Within one month of application of this simple model, I’ve seen a remarkable uptick in sales, growing most of my businesses at 2x, 3x, and even rates of 4x.  In addition to owning several businesses, I consult with other small business owners and help them leverage the most efficient and effective marketing tactics.  I’m happy to say, my clients have benefited from this new system as well.

How this can help…

You’re probably paying too much for leads, or maybe you’re not able to get any leads at all.  Some companies pay up to $150/click to get potential customers to their website…that’s on the high end, but it’s not uncommon for businesses to be paying $20/click for customers.  If only 5% convert to leads, that’s $400 a customer, which people were actually paying…not happy about it.

Pay less for leads >>>

An alternative back in the day was SEO, or fooling Google into ranking your site on top.  Businesses like yours would pay $50-1000+ per month to “trick” Google into listing the website on page one.  It’s not a great model, especially when you’re trying to fool a company who has the top brains in computer science working for it.   They have 90% of the College Computer Professors working for them, you know the guys who wrote the textbooks.

Alas, Since 2008, SEO hasn’t been a viable option, as it has become expensive and risky.  Since most sales increases just don’t magically happen, it’s important to take actions towards improving leads, sales and customers.  Whether you have a sales team hungry for leads, or a store that needs more customers, you need to actively grow your business.

To grow your business and get more leads, Nichebuilder developed a new, more resiliant model that’s driving leads for a variety of businesses, from alternative fuels to real estate .   This system has a track record of for driving quota busting leads and sales, blowing away the SEO model by being easier to imlement and quicker to results.

Nichebuilder’s Lead Generation Model is so effective and easy to implement.  It’s:

SEO Free – Uses SEO best practices but it doesn’t rely on fooling Google to get results so that you have control of your traffic and sales

Quick to Results – less than 1 month so that you get more customers quickly

Simple – uses one of the most friendly WordPress themes so that you can spend time on that which you love.

Backed by a Rockstar Company – Nichebuilder has 25+ years of combined marketing experience in areas of SEO, PPC, Web Design, Software Development, Graphics, Ecom, Real Estate, Social Media, Video and the whole 9 yards…

how_marketing_works_for_customersHow it Works:

The Nichebuilder Marketing Model leverages a custom, authority blog that looks clean and crisp on the outside, but is packed full of high end integrations with Google, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and Twitter to name a few.  This blog can be hooked up with your Google Authoriship, Paypal and More.

The Authority Blog, that’s the heart of the system.  The front end happens in Social Media and Google.  That’s where you will be effortlessly driving traffic with PPC, or Pay Per Click.

This System has it’s own software which makes it easy to implement.

Next Steps:

If you want to get more customers quickly, click here and get My Copy of the Nicebuilder Model.  You will instantly get the latest Infographic showing our model along with a step by step .pdf of how to implement the model.  You’ll also have the option for training.

You’re about to Get for FREE:

  • A Step by Step Guide – To Implement the Nichebuilder Model
  • Access to our Custom Marketing Software – We develop our own software, to make implementing this model easy.
  • Random Bonuses – Free guides to Social media,  Niche Selection and other internal company documents.

Start Now >>>  and get on a concrete path to Growth!


-Jason Jelonek