Soundcloud just opened their new Headquarters in Berlin.  It will accommodate more than 200 employees.   The project took two years to complete.    Soundcloud is a place for musical artists to upload and share their songs and mixes publicly.  It’s especially popular with the electronic dance community.  The company is valued at $700,000,000.    It’s a subcription based service for producers wanting to upload more than 1hr.  Soundcloud is just starting their native advertising program…how else did you think they were going to pay for this office?


Enjoy the photos 🙂

soundcloud entrepreneur
Here’s one of the 16 meeting rooms, that seems like way too many meetings for me. How will they get any work done?


soundcloud home
Here’s one of the main workspaces, checkout the lights.


soundcloud 2 office entrepreneur
My favorite room, the nap room!  Sometimes you absolutely have to get those powernaps and resets.



soundcloud tech free zones
This is a tech-free lounge.


soundcloud studio
Fatty Recording Studio
soundcloud fireplace
Wood burning fireplace, for those heart to heart conversations 🙂


soundcloud1 office
Daily Meals are prepared here by the Soundcloud Chef


soundcloud Photo
Is this a real photo booth? Or is it something else?