“The business card is your best, least expensive off-line promotional item.”

Business cards are expected, even in the digital age.

The business card is the place that you put down your name, the name of your business and any or all of he addresses you may have for your business.  Those addresses should be brick and mortar or your virtual business address. This information should be professionally printed on a 3.5” x 2” piece of think card stock.  Keep cards with you at all times and hand them out to anyone who asks for one.

While business cards are expected, going above and beyond the standard white stock with letters and logo will make a lasting impression.

It’s worth putting some effort into your cards.

Here are 5 Things to represent you well and make your cards stand out:

  1. Different shapes and sizes
  2. Colorful Graphics or Backgrounds
  3. Taglines or Slogans that concislely represent what you do.  I mission statement on the back is great.
  4. Helpful tips or tricks
  5. Graphical Demonstrations – ie. a home for a realtor

Once upon a time, you needed to have your business card professionally designed and printed.  That is no longer the case.  Not only have online service providers increased radically in quality, now that everyone uses them, they have become the standard of use.

There are thousands of places that you can get your business cards done online.

Purchasing your cards should not be expensive.  250 should run you around $30 for a simple design.  That’s after shipping.   I find the slowest shipping option gets it there in reasonable time.  Once you have your Business Address, Phone and Business email, get your cards ordered. Here are three popular ones:

*Vistaprint – Popular with nice editor

*Moo.com  – Nice variety of card sizes and Editor

PsPrint – Good deals, and have die cut cards

*These sites have templates to help you on your way to designing your own card.

Vistaprint has one of the best designers or editors for cards.  It’s easy to use the editor, or you can have someone on staff create the card for you, just for $5.   Just send in a picture of an example card that you like.


You can use Moo.com for rounded corner or slim style cards.  


PsPrint has fast and affordable printing, but no editor.   They offer die-cut cards.  Be sure to check the “Deals” link shown below.