Print       –        Scan      –        Copy

An all in one printer is just something that your office is going to need.  Those are essential functions for any office, and fortunately they can be had in one device.  You’ll need to make copies, print and sign documents and then scan them back in to be emailed or faxed.   The fax function on these printers is no longer necessary with the advent of faxing software.

So you better go out and get yourself an all in one printer.

There are two types to choose from, the ink-jet and the laser printer.  Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Ink Jet

The ink jet printer sprays ink onto the paper to create your document.  This type of printer is excellent for creating photographs. It is also less expensive to get started with than the laser print and is usually small and light so it can fit in to tighter places.  Ink for the ink jet printer however, is very expensive.  Inkjet all in one printerIf you are making color prints at high quality levels, you are going to use a lot of ink.


  • Great for Photos
  • Low Startup Cost
  • Can print on various types of paper
  • No Warmup time
  • Small Sized


  • Expensive ink – look for printers with cheap ink
  • Waterbased ink, which will run if it gets wet
  • Low capacity paper tray compared to Laser



The laser printer is generally more expensive to buy than the ink-jet.  It is also big and bulkier.  The laser print is more designed for the one color print, black.  Thus, all in one laser printer small businessits text printing is very clear and rivals the ink-jet in quality.  Its photographic capacity, however, isn’t great and its cost for printing color are even higher than those for the ink jet printer.


  • Fast Printing
  • Perfect and Sharp Black Text
  • Can handle high volume printing
  • Toner is less expensive per print than Inkjet


  • Takes time to warm up
  • Higher Upfront Costs
  • Cannot use any paper that’s heat sensitive
  • Big and heaver than Inkjet


Most of the printers now a days have wireless capability, allow you to print from any device within wireless range of the printer.    Make sure you get that option.


Ink jet all in one printers run between $100 and $300, where your average laser printer costs between $150 and $500.  More importantly, check the price on ink cartridge refills, as some cost significantly more than others and will end up costing you over the life of your machine.

So shop around online for the best deal and get your all in one office printer delivered to your door.  Good deals can be had at and

ink cartridgeInk Refills

This can be the most costly, frustrating and time consuming part of printing.  Nothing like running out of ink when you are printing something important.  It’s best to always keep a spare on hand.  Places to get discount ink refills are: